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love. light. rossmore. city of angels. 

Award-winning Artisan Jewelry on a Mission to Spread Love and Light Globally.

Suzy and Cliff were featured recently on two episodes of CNBC's Billion Dollar Buyer. 

Named after the art deco buildings that line the eponymous street in Hancock Park, Rossmore is an artisanal, small-batch jewelry line crafted and created by L.A.-based jeweler Suzy Lequeux. The hand-hewn pieces are both sleek and modern — and perfectly imperfect, much like L.A. itself. - LA WEEKLY- Melissa Faust

Founded a decade ago in a small downtown jewelry co-op, Suzy began selling her items at Trunk Shows and Flea Markets. She jokes that she went from, "Pennies and prayers in parking lots, to board rooms and benefactors, in the blink of an eye."

She never really thought that in 10 years Rossmore would become a full service boutique manufacturer, wholesaler and merchant, offering quirky jewelry handmade in L.A. to the World. And just like always, Rossmore still uses the finest sustainably rendered materials available for your delight.

We sell wholesale worldwide, and retail via this website, which also raises money for charity! Please see the link "Love and Light" and email us to partner:

How it Goes...

Our story began after Suzy studied Studio Art at UCLA’s prestigious School of Arts and Architecture with Lari Pittman, Nancy Rubens, Hirsch Perlman, and Don Suggs, to name a few. She then apprenticed with fine jewelers and subsequently found her calling when she stumbled on some dead stock items, hand fashioned earrings out of them and sold them to Madison Los Angeles.

Today, the notion, ‘Life being full of perfect imperfections’ inspires Suzy's thoughtful, yet quirky, designs. She always felt more drawn to her work, when it had a visible hand quality rather than the sterile work of mass produced computer aided goods.  And while she embraces technology when applicable, she makes sure that each and every piece of Rossmore still has the original je ne sais quoi that made it famous. 

It was this passion work-ethic and drive for artisan product that put her and Rossmore at the forefront of the hand-made jewelry wave long before it even began to swell, which has allowed Rossmore unprecedented success in this niche arena. Rossmore has been hailed over and over again "The Cult Craze You Only Wish You Knew About" by industry leaders and mavericks.

Today, Rossmore is a family business. Husband Cliff Duyn, also an artist in his own right, having studied classically at Cal Arts, & Suzy are committed to testing the theory that art, with conviction, is key to creating timeless pieces.

In 2016 CNBC's Billion Dollar Buyer Tilman Fertitta discovered Rossmore Jewelry Studio while having Cliff and Suzy on the show! You can follow our unfolding story on Instagram: @RossmoreLA  and see how we got to where we are by watching CNBC or here: B$B Season 1 Episode 5

And check us NOW in SEASON 3!!!

xo Cliff & Suzy

New Campaign Credits:

Photographer: Tomas Urbano @TomasUrbano

Muses: @HollandBelle and @BrendaCarseyArt

Clothing: @FlynnSkye, @ShopSaul, @SilverRockTradingCo, model's own

Jewelry: Rossmore

Creative Direction: Rossmore